January 14 week

Should be another bonus week with Gunnthra NY in arena.
Made it to Tier 19 in Aether Raids which I’m such a scrub on. Gives me a lot of salt. But I’ll be satisfied enough with Tier 19 and dealing with 6 member defenses?? FFFf.
As for my 6th defense member, I guess I’ll do Aversa. Her debuffs synergize with my setup. This also makes me wonder if I should put Grails into Aversa, but then PM1 will still likely use her in guides, and I don’t feel like making a separate Aversa just for merges… ugh. XD

A big wonder as to who the Mythical will be at the end of the month. I’m mildly hoping another colorless, but only if the other two colorless in the pool are useful xD; Really any of the colors are fine, I suppose… except Red, as I’m not interested in pulling that many more LIkes or LEirika.

Gonna go with Nailah for next arena bonus for sure. Had soooo many pity breaks on the venture to get Tibarn to feed to Flora (and probably Hinoka2) and Nailah merges… both BAD pity breaks (Linde, Y Tiki, Leon), and ones to fill up my pokedex — Loki, Saber, Ishtar, Camilla Adrift. Saber and Ishtar are +atk and +spd IVs respectively, w00t o_o

But time to save up hard for Mythical and the return of L Tiki.~

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