Jan 28 week – BUCKETS

Yeah I somehow made it to Tier 20 for AR but it’s hell trying to get anywhere higher on it lol. I guess in the loongggg run maybe I can try going for T21, but it might be a while. Need more Eirs and the like.

Mythical Duma is a bit underwhelming from what I was hoping, but considering a 10:2 ratio I got for Summer Linde vs Duma, I’ll do what with I got lol. Hello +10 Summer Linde… owo

Also Brave Ephraim kept coming for me, even broke me twice while trying to get more buckets, and then I was trying to avoid green in mythical banner, but he’d keep popping out of circles I finished after pity break. 

In the meanwhile, Arena Assault is still littered with Dragons and Armors, so it’s always helpful to have more killers for those. In comes buckets for Summer Linde and Eir:

Just one more set of buckets left to hand out, I’m mildly contemplating Kaze with Null-C Disrupt, but since feathers are a forever limiting factor, I’m going to see if the upcoming refines take priority first. XD;

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