Feb 4 week – 2nd Anniversary!

Lots of things coming up this month for anniversary~ (Will be intense personally since Tales of the Rays also has its anniversary later this month). I’m VERY excited for Nino’s refine–as long as they keep the bladetome effect in her weapon, anything else they add to it is just icing on the cake. She’s already been amazing to me with her bladetome, being my first +10 unit. I also have a Tharja I’ve had benched for ages, so I hope they give her something great as well. Also high hopes on Amelia since I’ve pretty much just been using her an Armor-killing Slaying Hammer unit in AA.

They’re giving a lot of other units refines too, but I don’t have any of those built up, so we’ll see if any of those tempt me to make them. Such limited Soul Dew though!

So many units to have fun with… >w<~ This is why I love FE~

Ahh, but they’re nerfing the Spring Breeze and Lava map on AR soon, so I’ll have to bid farewell to this setup that has given me many days of perfect defense:

Now I’ll need to see about doing something with the two +atk Dumas I pulled, just for lift loss decrease??

Although it’s kind of fun when I have a LOT of extra time on my hands (like waiting in a long line for lunch), changing up my AR defense is a REAL DRAG since I don’t like having to unlock my current setup and trying to remember who had what specific skills and seals equipped.

Would be nice if they added in additional features to the locking, such as just constructing a team that’s completely separate from one’s currently used units, and being able to save and edit that separately as well. It’s dumb that as soon as I unlock my team for editing, it no longer saves that I previously created by default.

On the upcoming Dragon flower update, my tentative priority list:
-H Myrrh
Some of this depends on how the system works as a whole, since not all details are out yet!

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