Updated Helbindi… 1 more flower left!

Slaying Axe+ (Res refine)
A: Distant Counter
B: Null-C Disrupt
C: Panic Ploy
S: Distant Defense 3

So this is him after the bane/flaw fix, and 9 Dragonflowers. Only 1 more left! But the last one will only give him Speed which he realllly does not need, so I may not go for it.

Some changes I’ve made from the previous build include Glimmer -> Moonbow and Quick Riposte 3 -> Distant Defense 3. Glimmer was overkill for the blue/green/colorless matchups, so using Moonbow instead will give him a better edge on the disadvantageous red matchup. QR3 was also overkill when he one-shots most things, and leaving something alive is better when I need to hunt pots/fountain… so DD3 for more survival.

So far, I’ve had only one time when he still overkills and thus I missed out on one pot/fountain. Mildly contemplating using Noontime for that 30% heal, though that does leave risks of not killing bulkier green matchups, who could get danced and then wreck havoc on his S-Support LAzura… Sol has worked really well on Fjorm during her bonus though, so it still makes me think.

*edit* In regards to changing up the skills, thinking to try out Wo Gun+/Noontime/QR3 Seal. This would let him self-heal and then double up on things since he wouldn’t have the special to help dmg output on higher defense folk. It’s worth a try? XD

Currently steady AR21+ and climbing the ranks weekly! 😀

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