General concern for FEH’s direction

I’ve sent in more feedback to FEH’s in-game customer service feedback section more times in the past month or two than I have in the entire lifespan of the game. Part of it was sparked by a public article reminder (propaganda???) that yes, IS still relies on that feedback form for ideas on the game’s direction. But as time goes, I wonder more and more if they really are taking those feedbacks into account and not just following directions from the top to scheme up more ways to make money.

I do realize IS wants to keep some value to all of their “premium” units, but I’m still disappointed in how they dealt with the 1st book 5-stars.

There’s really a lot I could say, but most others have already expressed these things in their own rants and whatnot, so I’d only be echoing them.

Overall, I’m trying very hard to not let any of these shifts ruin my enjoyment of the game. Nevertheless, I think I’m still being affected, but my heart is still in it. I love FE too much to be swayed so quickly, but it’s been getting stabs here and there for quite some time. BUT… My heart is still in it. For now.

Hoping I can enjoy the new mode since fortunately my Legendary Roy is very ready for it! :>

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