Arena – M Corrin finally benched?!

This is literally the first week since bonus kills were introduced in arena that I haven’t used M Corrin! :O

Well, biggest reason this worked for me is because L!Alm is so broken, not to mention having merges and being counted as 175 BST on Earth season.

And finishing Winter Eirika. So since she was already Earth blessed, I used her. She heals when L!Alm needs some HP, which M Corrin can’t do. She can also soften up other enemies by giving them a solid one thwack, without killing because of her slow speed. And since I also needed to use L!Tiki for scoring, might as well make use of the Armor March I had L!Tiki inherit and give her another Armor to play with.

Now to see who will be the bonus unit in another 2 weeks. It’s amazing having extra options now, though if the bonus unit is too weak I may have to bring the M Corrin back in anyway… we’ll just have to see. Wakuwaku!

Summoner support was also given to Eir for Aether Raids instead of arena since L!Alm doesn’t need it at all…


Also contemplating the next +10 project… Generally, upcoming arena bonus units will sway me. Like if OG Eirika, Catria, Caeda, Robin M, etc (someone on my +10 worklist) ends up being in the next rotation, I may just go ahead and finish +10ing them for arena scoring ease. Even though I’m starting to reach max duel crests too lol. But if none of those in the worklist are in the next rotation… well, still some winging to do.

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