Darkness Within – Fallen Heroes banner v2!

OOof It took over 500 to get a second 5* for this one. Over 6% (12% overall) is ughhh. Lately all the non-Legendary/Mythical banners have been really poor on me. I ended up with no featured folks after ~500 on the Picnic banner too lol. Buuuut I do have the “better” of the 2 colorless featured for this one, Tiki… A bit conflicted whether to go with +spd or +res for her at the moment. My L Tiki is already +spd and their stat spreads are so similar. But as they are different colors and one can be blessed by other elements, they aren’t as similar as L Marth and L Roy for instance. I COULD still do +spd. But +res is still so tempting. Hmmm!!!

Really tempted to roll more too, but should really wait to see about the inevitable bride banner and of course the Astra mythical that I budgeted out a generous amount of orbs for.

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