Oops, it’s been a while

Haven’t done a very good job maintaining this blog recently XD;; Factors of time and effort. Also, Brave Ike’s refine making most of AR become easy mode, even though I kaboom here and there. I still give Matthew my S support weekly though. Thiiiinking of switching over to Sothe with Broadleaf Fan once S Lilina comes back for pulling. I’ve been keeping a personal tab of my lift record week to week.

Btw, Book 4 coming in a few days. Hopefully FEH channel tonight? To announce the new key visual and new mythical we’re getting for free. ;D
IS hasn’t done a 2-person banner since Ylgr/Surtr, but I wonder if they’d do one for Lif/Hel hmmmm. Also, hero fes?

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