M Byleth for Mjolnir’s Strike

Oh dear, fictionally falling in love with M Byleth 😀 I actually finished him before Mjolnir’s Strike was introduced thanks to the Distant Counter banner.

Creator Sword
A: Atk/Spd Solo 3
B: Windsweep 3
C: Savage Blow 3
S: Flashing Blade 3

Lol I wish I hadn’t bothered HM farming him since now I just want to use him in my grind teams all the time. XD; Potentially thinking of changing the A Skill to Flashing Blade 4, paired with Darting Blow 3 S slot. Of course, F Byleth can run the same thing (trading 2 more speed for 2 less atk which is even better, as Windsweep depends on the unit having more speed), but of course this M Byleth came much easier with a free copy from Three Houses, his debut mythical banner with Sothis, and the Distant Counter banner. Another option that would be specifically better for Mjolnir is Swift Sparrow 3 as it literally just gives +1 more spd… but lol that’s on fodder that’s too precious for me to be worth one point of spd atm.

Also, M Byleth gives me all the delicious BL feels ahaha. I love F Byleth too, but I can wait for as long as it needs to get more of her. Mareeta (the new, normal one) can also run this, but as a tradeoff for getting those easy +4 to all stats, she doesn’t have a way to deal with Special Fighter/Guard/similar skills… so even with her BST creep, the Byleths are going to be more consistently successful with the named characters showing up on Mjolnir’s Strike.

Mjolnir’s Strike… everything’s dirt easy for now on these starting tiers. Looking forward to the challenge of the +50 hp, +12 all stats named enemy unit chaos that’ll show up eventually >___>;

Depending on how the stats climb, I’ll see if I have enough infantry dragonflowers to give to him when the time comes. Never enough infantry dragonflowers!!!!

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