Duo NY Alfonse = Happy New Year! Fitting in the new BST creep…

185 BST creeps are here “thanks” to Duo Units and Winter Sothis…
With the recent arena changes getting rid of the focus for bonus unit kills, arena is all about fishing against the whales for high scores now… skill was mostly eliminated, sadly.

Regardless of this, I wanted to invest in a new (inflated BST) core as my current arena armor ball shows huge limitations in the new free-for-all arena format. I was largely on the fence thinking about Winter Duo Marth, but I wish it had been Caeda with him since I don’t care much for the sister XD He’s still an AMAZING unit though, being a fast colorless archer… just hugely limited by his armor movement.

But along came NY Duo Alfonse/Sharena… and argon’s art + the kit + ALFONSE took my breath away. Kinddd of wish he was a different color as LAzura is also blue, but it’s not like I ever depend on LAzura as an offensive unit anyway. So blue is still quite fine.

Note: These are INFLATED TT stats lollll. His +5 def/res from his C skill are activated in this too. I won’t normally have him S-Supported either but it’s just to make the arena run easier.

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