Just various things in mind…

Gotta remember anniversary starts up early February. Fortunately, January so far is looking to be a calm month, as I’ll be completely skipping the upcoming banner on the 8th–even with Forging Bonds, which usually entices me to get at least one pity break considering we get 4 tickets. But this banner is soooo skippable, I won’t be bothering this time. I really, really appreciate FEH bringing in characters who aren’t in yet instead of putting in more alts though! (you guys have my wallet plenty already, please just keep doing this so I can keep saving only to splurge them later anyway >_>).

Dunno about Mythical banner at end of month yet but so far it looks largely skippable for me as well (the new mythic could be enticing though, egh). It’s also becoming a lot harder to predict what’ll be on it now that they’ve started doing 2-per-color seasonal rerun banners.

I’ve put in Duo NY Alfonse into my Allegiance Battle setup, replacing LTiki, and it caught me off guard until I remembered that you can’t use duo skills when paired up. I have one slot where I don’t use a pair-up (LAzura), but then I also remembered that if I switched NY Alfonse to that slot, I wouldn’t get the full score for his kills… so it’s foregoing the duo skill in the end. Oh well, he still took 0 dmg from L Roy with buffed attack stats this week at least, lel.

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