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Recent commitments on alt account

I don’t talk about my alt much because its original purpose was to play SUPER casually and just collect things that my main account doesn’t have, though that’s become less of a thing now that I invest in my main account much more than I did in the first couple years. My alt still has a couple things my main doesn’t though, like F Kana, V Roy, and because of dumb luck things, recent things like Shannan. Other differences are random 5* pitybreaks from old days like Peri, Boey, Merric. Of course, my main has a LOT more things that my alt doesn’t, but my alt and its dumb luck is really not too far beyond relatively. At times I find it a shame that I don’t do Arena Assault on it seriously–I currently run +6 BIke and +1 BLucina on Beginner level and just coast through beating up 2 units for the other 6 battles.

Some recent commitments I made to it–

-Itsuki merge project–I quiteeee possibly doing this on my main too because it has no next merge project and will have more than enough grails to +10 him when he’s available in the shop. Given Aether and Distant Counter.

-Null-C DC Sharena. Alt managed to get 2 Nailah in one circle on the DC banner. It didn’t have more orbs to pull for more at the time (currently at almost 400 though… lol) but I would have kept going for more if I did. As the alt struggles on Astra atm, maybe I can at least use Sharena as omega tank during her bonus weeks… XD; I was hanging onto the Nailah for a while deciding who should get it, but eh I guess I’ll do the Akariss way for my alt.~

-M Corrin merge project. Already at +10, meaning I dumped the 220k feathers on him (and another 20k to get Aether…). This is for Sharena AR support mostly, but may potentially toss him into Arena for lazymode scoring too, at least until Itsuki is ready. My main’s had +10 M Corrin for a long time, at +spd, but +res seems to be the better route for getting him to soak chills in AR. It’s all good though.

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