FEH Pass rant–freeloaders are overreacting, as usual

FEH Pass rant–freeloaders are overreacting, as usual. I understand the criticism that quality of life (QoL) changes shouldn’t be locked behind a paywall, and I agree on that end. Extra quests, S Support, and the PvE only rewind function shouldn’t affect any of the player base as a whole, as Akariss indicated. It’s when people complain that resplendent units are locked behind a paywall, or that the entire FEH Pass concept should be “canceled” that it gets to me. If you can’t afford 5 bucks for a character you really like… And you can just subscribe when a character you want has a resplendent; there’s no extra advantage to staying subscribed for consecutive months afaik. If you can’t afford 5 bucks for a character you really like, then I can just imagine you’re likely the type who would also refuse to pay 5 bucks to an artist for a commission and would insist them to do it free for the “exposure” as a reward. Really now? Freeloaders.
(I realize it’s actually $9.49 since you have to get the full month pass and it’s not split per unit, but if the difference between $5 and $9.49 is that drastic for you, you probably shouldn’t be playing competitive mobages tbh)

IS is giving FE fans a cheap avenue to support them with the resplendent system; instead of locking it behind a GACHA system, they are providing it at a cheap subscription price. Yet here the freeloaders are so fast to try to shoot it down. IS could have made the game subscription only in the first place, yet they went with the free to start system as we consumers have driven this practice to be commonplace. There’s a weird hive mind out there that mobile games “can’t have the depth of other console/PC games” which is a  REALLY OUTDATED mindset. I have to assume that a lot of these people are casuals in FEH who don’t understand or ACTIVELY REFUSE to understand the depth that the game offers…aka n00bs.

In the end, I just hope IS doesn’t get too disheartened from the freeloaders and n00bs’ onslaught of negativity in the community. I for one am generally on board for the subscription system and have sent IS feedback my constructive concerns/criticisms for putting the QoL features locked to the subscription. Send the feedback in app through the customer support, as that is the one of the only places where they’ll actually see it, rather than the mob that is Reddit.

So beyond FEH Pass, I’ll give a mention to the actual BEST part of the FEH channel–Divine Codes! Finally the toilet paper usage is revealed! As highly expected, we can get combat manuals by exchanging the codes, and this is GREAT. The Path system is rather icky, as generally any player would agree, but the offset is that the unit offerings are not locked to Book I units! “Part I” of the Divine Codes were revealed to not mean “Book I” but instead to be type of Code separate from the Red paper they revealed in the channel, which would point to a different type of offering rotation. I’m quite interested to see where this will go, and I hope to be able to use the system to get merges on past 5-star exclusives I particularly like, and occasionally get a great premium fodder material here and there 😀

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