Duo Bride Micaiah

Well, I didn’t really “plan” to invest in a 2nd Duo Hero so soon after Duo NY Fonse half a year ago, but ayeee I hope this sets me for a long time. XD My priorities being art + utility brought me to this…


teffish’s art <3 Really loved it ever since Summer Lyn.

Now here’s to hoping they don’t release another Duo like this for a long time… D:
(watches them release MByleth/Sothis Duo next rip riprip) I’m really hoping for nothing on this level until CYL4 with Claude…

Anyway, light blessed for now, to help Matthew out.

If I ever swim in enough light blessings, I’d like her to help out in Arena modes too, but…

One thought on “Duo Bride Micaiah

  1. Turns out for the most part, I can leave her Light blessed for Arena use, at least on weeks where my bonus is highly merged as well, because her 756 scoring carries just that much.

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