Duo Summer FByleth and Ephraim

Some quick updates, Duo Summer FByleth and Duo Ephraim have joined the completed Duo parades with DuoFonse and DuoMicaiah.

tbh they weren’t really intentional… but it happened. XD; Duo FByleth was first, and thus at that point a green Duo would complete all the colors… Duo Alm? He’s due for his rerun on the seasonal rerun in August… I’ll have to see where my orb stash is, as August will be a scary month overall with possible herofest and a definite CYL. XD

I love cuboon’s art but I still wish Duo FByleth’s art wasn’t so… gaudy. Honestly quite gaudy, enough that I don’t want to upload the screenshot here. But I loaded her with Rally Atk/Spd+, L&D4, Watersweep, everything else is base kit. Cost a Leila and 5* Soren. I put Windsweep on the OG Byleths, and I do have another Windsweep fodder on hand, but preferred Watersweep in this case anyway… as Duo FByleth is a ranged unit to begin with, she’d be more commonly “countered” by fellow ranged units, unlike the OG Byleths who would be more commonly “countered” by fellow melee units. The argument for Windsweep on Duo FByleth comes from a good plethora of melee units with DC, however the way I see it… in the times she does have to deal with such units, Duo FByleth can cheat with her duo skill to handle them when needed. The only real counter to her Desperation duo skill would be Hardy Bearing, which isn’t seen in Arena, where I’d be mostly using her.

I feel she’s too much of a death risk to use in AR, and Desperation is mostly a player phase trump card that isn’t as useful in AR anyway. Heck, the best Duo unit I have for AR I would say is DuoFonse, and he’s still designated to arena for me as well. DuoMicaiah is a close second and has been designated to light season so far with not as much use as I’d probably like, though. I might reconsider her for Astra or something instead, but being extra conservative with my AR blessings so far.

DuoEphraim uh… I Light blessed him for his AR bonus long ago apparently and still haven’t decided where I want to place him long-term yet. Honestly he should also be good as an arena core, however I already have DuoFonse as a core blue unit, and he does great work already… hmm.



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