Just a lady who really likes her Fire Emblems. Married, but I also have husbandos made out of pixels.

Been playing FE since FE7 back in 2004. It’s still my overall favorite, although the newer games Awakening, Fates, Three Houses are very much my general flavor.
Been playing FEH since its February 2018 launch.

You can find me on Discord :3 It’s a small server: https://discord.gg/AuXHYet
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/splashtomato

FEH FC: 7209150017
Picky about who I’m adding at this point–current priority goes to AR21+ players with useful +10 friend leads.

I’m very open about (legit) discounts for US Play Gift Cards and iTunes Gift Cards~ I currently have a reliable source to get 12% discount regularly but always interested in better discounts, cuz original orb prices are pretty ridiculous imo.