2020 +10 Showcase (127 images warning)

Well, it’s my first year finally doing one of these. I used one of my phones that has FEH in English for the English conveniences (except for my latest batch from post-Legendary banner Dec 2020), but normally I’m playing in JP. In future years, I’ll likely just link to the older posts and add in only the newcomers to the list.
Anyway, without further ado… In series order!

  1. Duo Alfonse/Sharena
    My first completed Duo unit! I actually REALLY like Alfonse (seiyuu Tattsun bias), and argon’s art is wonderful. My alt also has a +1 neutral that has carried that account through tons and tons of content. I contemplated putting him into either my AR-D or AR-O at various times, but thus far he is still one of my main Arena carries.

  2. B Veronica
    The first Brave unit I completed, even before the first year braves got their refines! I actually really like her refine; even if it’s the “tamest” of the set, it’s still super useful. Currently being used in both Dark/Anima AR-D.

  3. Fjorm
    It’s a bit sad her viability is gradually diminishing, but I hope she continues to be in the regular bonus rotation for AR. I’ve foddered quite a bit for her and she’s still doing well during bonus seasons for AR-O.

  4. NY Gunnthra
    I had no idea Gungun was this beautiful under her hat until NY~ She kept popping out instead of NY Hrid, and I still would’ve preferred NY Hrid to this day tbh, but at least she’s still gorgeous. o_o Her PRF is decent even though I’m just using Firesweep these days, and I even used her in early AR-D days, but nowadays, she’s mostly just a benched AA unit. TwT;

  5. Surtr
    This didn’t happen on his original 2-unit banner, but I did have 4 copies from that banner, and he pitybroke me often since then. I kept them all separate for ages, even as I had enough copies to +10. At some point, I believe when Mjolnir’s Strike started, I finally realized he was viable for scoring and finally merged them all in. He’s great in MS, but the mode is easy enough that I don’t even need him up at top lol.

  6. Laevatein
    Purely made from pitybreaks. :o Maybe she’ll get a refine soon…

  7. NY Laevatein
    I actually like this alt way more :3 On my AR-D, possibly just staying on Dark now, while Forrest goes on Anima.

  8. Helbindi
    My first AR-O carry! Back when Reinhardts were rampant, and my first receiver of Nailah’s NCD (though it’s just budget QR these days for AA). His stats and speed have sadly led me to bench him long ago however. Hoping he’ll get a good refine sometime in 2021!

  9. Hel
    Completed Nov 2020. It’s her base kit for now. I’ll consider Mystic Boost if I get extra Eirs. :> (or just use the S Seal)

  10. Eir
    Light mythic! She’s currently my light shrine soaker for even my carry with highest offenses, FByleth. I have a second one at +9 for Temari support (guess I’m looking for +res on that one though)
  11. .

  12. Lif
    I didn’t mean to finish him on his debut when I was trying to finish LEliwood instead, but red was very generous for me. His fodder is also great, so I don’t mind the extras I have of him. Maenu simping we in

  13. Thrasir
    Took me a lot longer to finish her, but she’s also gucci :>

  14. Loki
    This is purely from pitybreaks and I’m fine with it. I’ve used her occasionally on AR-O but she hasn’t really been an MVP from my experiences, but I’m also not the best at using gravity strats >>;

  15. Peony
    Actually the last of the four dancer fairies I finished despite being the first and having a free copy. Finished at the same time as Plumeria Dec 2020~

  16. Mirabilis
    I didn’t really like the prospects on the Legendary? banner she’d be on later, so I finished her on her debut Forging Bonds banner. A good sleepy girl.

  17. Triandra
    Nov 2020 worked out well. :o

  18. Freyja
    Nov 2020 worked out well pt2~

  19. Plumeria
    Finished Dec 2020.

  20. Reginn
    Finished Dec 2020.

  21. L Marth
    This guy would be so lost without Binding Shield, poor Marth. He is an AA MVP against dragons.

  22. Smol Marth
    Very useful unit for that cav/armor effectiveness and built-in Vantage~

  23. Caeda
    I built her to +9 a few months before her Resplendent was announced, and she has been great since.~

  24. Smol Caeda
    Had to use Trait Fruits in the end to get the +spd IV, she had been +def until then. A good girl.

  25. Summer Linde
    She was on my AR-D until DuoMia came onto the scene. She’s still awesome, but I need that Duo’s Hindrance. XD; I never actually planned to get her, but she kept showing up on that Legendary banner… So I gave her buckets to take care of dragons. And then cavline became a thing.

  26. Est
    Est is best! MVP of Rokkr Sieges and AA runs.

  27. Fallen Hardin
    I hope he gets a good refine. D:

  28. Summer Young Tiki
    I believe this is my first completed seasonal? I just… really liked her attack animation and everything.~ Used her in my AR-D flier ball for a time. If Dragonflowers were more plentiful, I’d like to give her more…

  29. L Tiki
    My first completed Legendary? Also kind of sad how less viable she’s become over time.

  30. L Tiki (2)
    She kept showing up instead of Naga. T_T; I don’t even know what I’m doing with her. xD;

  31. Fallen Tiki
    Was used in Arena shortly before more Duos and Legendaries were completed.

  32. Nagi
    I wonder if I’m supposed to build her a specific way to be able to counter LChrom despite his armor effectiveness? Because otherwise she serves little purpose for me >_>;

  33. L Alm
    A very good Earth season boy, also great in AA, AB and the like.

  34. Duo V Alm/Celica
    Another good boy, this one is re-blessable and makes use of Spurn. :D

  35. V Faye
    +Spd superboon is a big yes. Still thinking about using her for AR-O and she reaches 41 base spd with S support and one Peony. Tobi’s art is so soft~ A lot of things are kind of cringy about Faye in general, but I still really like her.

  36. L Celica
    Fire core unit. She nukes.

  37. Mathilda
    This unit was solely made to support Sophia for AR-O. With the release of Triandra, I’ve switched my red carry to FByleth though ^^;

  38. Duma
    The anima huwaaaaah guy.

  39. Dancer Lachesis
    Temari dancer with Disarm Trap~ (AA build being shown atm though)

  40. L Seliph
    A very good Earth season boy, also great in AA, AB and the like.

  41. Fallen Julia
    Contemplated using her in AR-O, but never decided on a season, and my current red carries on either season are good so far. XD;

  42. Ares
    Kind of an OG easy merge PvE unit at this point. Sadly I rarely use him even in AA and he only shines when there are… cav missions?

  43. L Leif
    A very good Water season boy, also great in AA, AB and the like. I also use him in Mjolnir Strike with CC/Vantage.

  44. Reinhardt
    The Reinhardt. One of my first +10s. Magic is everything!

  45. L Roy
    A very good Fire season boy, also great in AA, AB and the like. Also VERY good for Rokkr Siege with his built-in DC.

  46. L Lilina
    By the time I finished Plumeria (Dec 2020), I was just one copy away for her so I went for it… Even though her max score is 754 vs LEdelgard’s 756. She still nukes, and nukesssss. And that art.

  47. Cecilia
    An early AR-O MVP :D I remember +10ing her in the early AR days. Eventually switched her to water season to handle water Legendaries.

  48. W Cecilia
    Used her in AR-O Astra for a short while. She never performed AMAZINGLY for me, but she got the job done for her tenure.

  49. Brunnya
    Uhhh too bad I jumped on the Brunnya train right before BHector’s refine was released.  She only got a couple week’s worth of action and she’s only super benched atm, even with 10 Dragonflowers… XD KIND of considering using her on Light season, but Micaiah is already there, combined as my NCD check for that season??

  50. Fir
    While in my search for solutions to Astra, I tried her a bit. She had mild success. I really like Fir in FE6 though, and kaya8’s art~ She’d definitely appreciate a Resplendent soon, however.

  51. Bunny Fir
    An even better Fir~ And even better kaya8 art XD Might consider giving her SS3, but her default AS Solo3 has been doing fine so far.

  52. Sophia
    Light AR-O carry until recently replaced by FByleth. She’s still great! And the Spd build works ;X

  53. Fae
    Another AR-O tryout like Fir. Fae lasted a little longer if I recall. XD; Her refine puts her in a neat place too~ (and makes Robin refines look so bad…)

  54. Eliwood
    I should probably invest some better skills onto this guy to make him more top tier AA viable. XD Another SS3 candidate.

  55. L Eliwood
    A very good Wind season boy, also great in AA, AB and the like. I also use him in Rokkr Sieges.

  56. B Lyn
    I already had her completed before her Forma, but the Forma allowed me to get Budding Bow, Ruptured Sky, Fury 4, the Lull… all quite nice. Cavline gal.

  57. L Hector
    I used him quite a bit in earlier Fire seasons and on AB, but sadly he doesn’t get much usage these days. Ostia’s Pulse is still unique at least.

  58. B Hector
    This was the completed BHector I had before his refine. I actually don’t use him in AR-O Light. +Def was for superboon, and then… the 2nd one next.

  59. B Hector (2)
    This is the 2nd BHector I literally had enough copies for as soon as the refine was announced. I also had one of each IV lol. So I went +Res and made the thing for AR-O Astra.

  60. Matthew
    A great AR-O carry for a long time~ Until anti-debuff became more prominent, and his stats have just fallen quite behind sadly. Resplendent when? (And Guy when???)

  61. Matthew (2)
    I made a 2nd Matthew for Astra season, and because it’s Matthew! Eventually I made Sothe for Astra and converted this one over to Light, since this one has the precious Pulse Smoke. Yet also still sadly benched from AR-O. XD

  62. Karla
    Purely made out of pity breaks. o_o I’m waiting for a refine to decide if I want to invest anything on her…

  63. Rath
    Rath was on my merge project candidates, but he didn’t really exist in my barracks until Pawns of Loki, and I was just inspired enough to make a green bow cav at last. Happy to have him!

  64. Nino
    One of the first +10s~ It’s Nino!

  65. Flying Nino
    She’s great for baiting LAzura in AA… XD

  66. Bramimond
    Completed on LCorrinF’s debut. A true defense mythic.

  67. Eirika
    I had her +10’d long before her Resplendent and tried her a bit on Astra with very middling success, as debuff/panic meta was always present, and soon later Lulls became a thing as well.

  68. Mage Eirika
    Many pity breaks and a nice refine later, she is a great unit to have.

  69. W Eirika
    Still unique as the one of the only healer armors?? She’s a joy.

  70. L Ephraim
    This guy needs a refine ^^; More often I just use Slaying Spear+ on him to handle armors in AA.

  71. B Ephraim
    While his refine is completely overshadowed by BHector’s, it still has awesome utility and sustain, and I really like using him! A great AA with an easy condition auto follow-up.

  72. Duo Ephraim/Lyon
    Completed him even before the Forging Bonds revival, but still grabbed it for the extra HB4 fodder!

  73. S Lute
    Even though I have Summer Camilla for a flying blue mage, I wanted another D: I like Lute as a character somehow…

  74. Tethys
    Very useful Astra unit I paired with Sothe~ Temari very worth!

  75. Myrrh
    A unit I completed long before her refine. Was in my flier ball for AR-D for a while. Used her for a bit on AR-O once she got her refine (but then HRobinF came. XD)

  76. H Myrrh
    I got a copy of her from the Find and Vote fiasco, and she carried my arena score for a long time~ I love this art of her soooo much ahhhh.

  77. B Ike
    It’s BIke. I had many copies of BIke sitting around before his refine was revealed. Upon the reveal, he was an easy decision to merge and invest in. Ironically benched in Light atm for HRobinF, but still great in all modes.

  78. B Ike 2
    It’s another BIke, with the speed stuff. Still one of my main 3 Astra carries! But he still sees much less use after BHector’s refine.

  79. Ilyana
    Hungry girl~

  80. Dancer Micaiah
    I love her high attack for a dancer. Still nukes off LEdelgard and the like in AA.

  81. Duo Micaiah/Sothe
    I love. My 2nd completed Duo unit? (Ephraim, Byleth, and Alm came in quick succession afterwards though) I try to use her in AR-O when I have the space for her in my comps. xD But otherwise she is also a handy tool for leveling Lvl 1 units using 0 stamina by using her Dominance Duo Skill on GHBs/BHBs.

  82. Sothe
    Recently retired from AR-O, but still a unit.

  83. L Ike
    Oof this guy also needs a refine badly. Why did I give this guy 5 of my precious infantry flowers. D: Will 2021 revive him??

  84. Ranulf
    Made mostly from pity breaks again. But I like him! And he has Tattsun’s voice! And he’s great in Pawns of Loki! Although Freyja is in now to cover for green cavs…

  85. Leanne
    Lots and lots of pity breaks from her. She was on my AR-D flier ball with this super meme GF build shown here, and I got huge kicks when it actually worked.

  86. Nailah
    Pawns of Loki unit :D Okay, honestly I had her before that, and used her in AR-O on occasion too. She gucci.

  87. H Mia
    Rokkr Sieges MVP!

  88. Yune
    My first completed defense Mythic~ I love her art ahhh.

  89. W Altina

  90. L Chrom
    Finished him Oct 2020 on L Dimitri’s debut. I knew to go with his speed build instead of atk as soon as I saw he had a superboon in spd though.

  91. Fallen Robin M (Grima)
    I hope he gets a refine to make him great again D: Still one of my favorite units!

  92. L Robin F (Grima)
    She also needs a refine along with LIke. XD

  93. H Robin F (Grima)
    Current main AR-O Light carry. She’s soooo good.~

  94. Cordelia
    She poke

  95. Emmeryn
    More AA healers!

  96. Donnel
    A long-time AR-O carry on any weeks when Fjorm wasn’t a bonus instead. Has since been benched for other blue carries sadly.~ Now he’s just an extra Brave Lance type of user for AA?

  97. Aversa
    Another old AR-O MVP. I don’t use her in AR-O, but she’s honestly still great in just about every mode!

  98. Nowi
    Uhh if I’m ever swimming in Soul Dew, I guess I’ll get her refine (I did on my alt since it’s still using Nowi in Arena, lollll). But for now, getting her prf means losing the extra stats from Lightning Breath. Really wish they could’ve at least gotten rid of the special cooldown penalty on the prf.

  99. B Lucina
    She pity broke me an awful lot before her refine, and has more than redeemed herself since then, of course.

  100. Naga
    Astra mythic! She gets a lot of hate, but I actually depend on her Divine Fang and offensive capabilities somewhat frequently in AR? D:

  101. Corrin M
    The only one of the my first 5*s (Takumi, Robin M, him) that has reached +10 so far, lol (though honestly I might dump the feathers to finish Robin M eventually in 2021). Was an arena core MVP during the time when bonus unit kills were required for EVERYTHING. Now he’s MVP once again in AR-O with HRobinF! His support has switched around with other units like Myrrh in the past as well.

  102. Adrift Corrin M
    I love Corrin M.~ Shimazaki Nobunaga~ I also love Maiponpon’s art owo; This is my favorite art of theirs thus far. May use trait fruits to bring back the Spd IV some day. Might just wait to see if he gets a refine someday first.

  103. Fallen Corrin M
    argon art~~ I’m just simping for Corrin M at this point. If Grails weren’t so limited, I would absolutely complete his NY alt as well.

  104. L Corrin F
    Probably my favorite art from Sencha in FEH so far. What a beautiful unit. Also helps that she barely needs anything outside her base kit.

  105. L Azura
    Long time arena carry~ I used her for a longgggg time, even when it wasn’t water season. Nowadays, the newer water season legos don’t even need the assistance, so she’s on AA duty… @_@

  106. L Ryoma
    He also helped carry my water seasons in earlier days… Refine please!

  107. Kagero
    Tried to make use of her in AR-D but was never satisfied enough with an IP team, and I tried her in AR-O with extremely limited success too… so she’s really super benched atm. Now she’s fine enough to take out a super squishy mage or something in AA and that’s it? Doesn’t even have the speed to double most. Resplendent wouldn’t really be enough help either. Rip!!

  108. H Kagero
    Only gave her the Sky Maiougi+ recently so she could at least nuke dragons in AA. XD;;;

  109. S Camilla
    A very nice AA nuke with her flying blade.~ Completed her with LAzura back in the day.

  110. Effie
    Rokkr Siege carry! Although recently replaced with DuoPalla. :X Still a great nuke in AA at least. Also, HACCAN’s nice art. I expected her refine to be lackluster, and yep it was… I’ve completely skipped it.

  111. Shigure
    I believe Shigure is the first unit I +10’d purely out of husbando desire. I waited for his demote though, and quickly set him up to be my first Firesweep flier. Had a lot of good runs in AB and AA with him. Sadly benched an awful lot these days, but I hope he gets an amazing refine in 2021!

  112. Kaden
    The in-combat buff giver! I had him at +8 for a long time and just finished him off for this post, lol…

  113. Keaton
    Another unit I had at +7 for a looonggg time. Mostly to keep his HP one spot lower to get Velouria’s Infantry Pulse. If I give Velouria more flowers, this can still be a thing though, so I went ahead and finished him. Okuma Yuugo’s art :D~

  114. Selkie
    Lots of pity breaks, though I did go for her a bit on her debut as well. Now awesome in Pawns of Loki :D

  115. NY Selkie
    Finished her on the double seasonal rerun, though in my mind I was hoping for DuoMarth more instead. But I’m still very glad for her. Pawns of Loki :D

  116. Rhajat
    I had enough to complete her before her refine was announced. Depending on how good the refine was, I would build her… so I did~

  117. Forrest
    Cav healers are great! I’ll consider some of the older easily mergeable ones if they get decent refines… but otherwise Forrest is just an easy choice, and I really liked him in Fates. And Tobi’s art~ Also another Witchy Wand+ receiver for Anima cavline now.

  118. Velouria
    Used on AR-O with Vantage Keaton for a small while. Pawns of Loki these days~

  119. Soleil
    Please give her an amazing refine! Currently an armor killer for AA.

  120. Byleth M
    Top husbando. He mains my top row in Mjolnir Strike.

  121. Byleth F
    Current AR-O Light carry, stonks risen since the release of Triandra! Guard effects mean nothing to her!

  122. Duo Byleth/Rhea
    I would honestly like her so much more if she wasn’t so NSFW. But she carries a lot. *cough*

  123. Sothis
    Although I consider her to be the weakest defense mythic, she’s still awesome in most other modes.

  124. S Dorothea
    I had fun using her in AR-O~

  125. S Sylvain
    Sylvain stanning. Looking forward to Felix joining him and they’re going to look silly together! (Yeah, thinking about +10ing WFelix)

  126. Itsuki
    TMS so good :D

  127. Tsubasa
    TMS so good :D Still thinking to Forma her anyway…

Honorable Mentions (+9):
Fallen Ike – He will be +10 when the Fallen revival banner comes in late January.
Flying Olivia – no rush to finish her
Shiro – Just gonna keep hitting the free blue on the weekly revival banners he shows up in lol.
L Lucina – no rush to finish her
Micaiah – I’m still using her on AR-O Light season these days, and will see about finishing her some day. XD +Atk has been quite serviceable although +Spd might be better?
I’m also contemplating leaving her at +9 +atk forever because she sits at 34 visible speed as long as I don’t use Peony in her comp, which dodges Brami’s 35 speed check… lel. Alternatively, I go all in with the full merges/flowers and use NFU instead of NCD, and figure out a different NCD tank…
Gunnthra – no rush to finish her
Mila – prooobably will try to finish her in Feb?
Harmonic S Mia/Marth – miiight try to finish her in the summer rerun, but also likely I may just merge my final separate +atk copy into her.
Ayra – no rush to finish her
L Eirika – no rush to finish her
Ephraim – no rush to finish him

Who knows if I’ll be able to finish any of these by the end of next year :)

There are also a few select units I can actually complete, but haven’t for particular reasons… Those reasons either being grail limitations, or… not really having a reason to put the feathers into the merges lol (they’re serviceable as they are atm)
Merge projects:
Gangrel (Grails)
Ashnard (Grails)
Oliver (Grails)
Seteth (+5) – Waiting on more copies, also undecided if I’m sticking with +atk or switching to +spd. XD
Robin M Def+, HP- (+1… switch to Spd+, Res-)
Morgan M
Heath (Grails)
S Flora (Grails)
Kempf (Grails)

Other potential +10s in 2021:
B Eliwood – Have enough to +9, but undecided on +atk or +spd. Will see what his refine will be ;)
B Camilla – Same as above (but enough to +10).
B Micaiah – Enough to +9, but her fodder is nice to keep around separate atm… will super likely merge her up in 2021 anyway because of refine~
Fa Lyon – Currently +8
Annette – Currently +7. I honestly don’t like her much in 3H itself, but she’s awesome in FEH and that’s fine with me. XD
B Claude – Currently +6, waiting on Hero Fest
W Felix – For Sylvain
The rest depend on pity breaks :O (Caineghis, Rinka, Tibarn, Leila, Lilith, Lethe, Shinon, etc)

Duo NY Peony will also be coming. Not only have a fully scoring dance at 190 BST unlike Duo Sigurd (who’s also back on 185 BST anyway), she’s on green which should be easier to pull, even with NY Lethe color-sharing. At least NY Lethe has Atk/Spd Solo and Lull fodder for days, and I wouldn’t mind merging her up either cuz I love beasts. XD; I see a good number of content creators dissing the new banner format with bringing the old year units in, but in this particular case, all the units present a certain still-viable amount of value, so I don’t see as much of an issue with it. If anything, NYSelkie presents the least value for me as I already have her completed, and I have no need for Distant Ward when Distant Counter is generally so much better. But it’s STILL something I wouldn’t mind on the way (I only hope for one NYPlumeria anyway). Anyway, I think most people are seeing the color-sharing happening as a bad thing, even when the rates for everything is increased to compensate. It’s kind of a feels bad moment when they just implemented the off-banner pity not COMPLETELY resetting pity %. Not sure what I’ll think if they keep doing this for future banners too. We’ll see~

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